What Happens at Goddess? 

Your Questions Answered

General Questions

Will men be there?

Goddess currently hosts women-only retreat and events. At the beginning, we are offering this to females only as women need a safe place to fully explore sexuality. We are currently planning events for a conversation with men and women and are excited to include men when the time is right. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Please include women who would benefit from this self-work. We have a limited number of spaces, so please book in advance if you would like to attend together.


Retreat Specific

Will there be nudity?

There will be no nudity at our day events. Often at weekend retreats this is a spontaneous event and feels in flow to run free. We encourage all participants to truly feel themselves at all times and only participate in what feels right for you. All participants are requested to go at their own pace.


What are the housing accomodations?

At The Sanctuary and any retreat center we use there is a main house with shared beds, single beds in shared rooms, and outdoor yurts in the forest. You can select your preferred accommodation after booking when you receive your welcome survey. First come, first serve.


Can I arrive late or leave early?

No. We will be having opening circle at 7pm on Friday and require each woman to participate in the covenant. We will end closing circle at 4pm on Sunday. If there are extraordinary circumstances, please reach out to Shaunda to find solutions.


Where is the retreat located?

We use multiple locations for our retreats. The Sanctuary is a stunning property of 150 acres of natural paradise near Bethel Woods, the original site of Woodstock. Two Moons Ranch is a gorgeous private property surrounded nestled along the Hudson River. There are horses, wildlife, nature walks, and gardens.


How do I get there?

The Sanctuary is accessible by a 3 hour drive. Carshare rides will be available. Two Moons Ranch is a simple 1.5 hour train ride from Grand Central, NYC to get to the Garrison stop, or a 1 hour drive.

What is the agenda?

The agenda is tailored specifically to the attendees each retreat and will be shared upon arrival. Our schedule will start each morning at 8am with Kundalini movement and continue with workshops such as Becoming the Snake Whisperer and Sensual Alchemy. We will have some free time for integration (this is intense energy work so we will need it) and will be ending evenings at 10pm.


What is the timing?

You’re welcome to arrive at The Sanctuary anytime 1-6 on Friday of the retreat to enjoy the 150 acres of private natural paradise, settle into your assigned lodging, and connect with other women. The drive is typically 1.5 hours from NYC, however traffic after 3pm on a beautiful summer weekend will be longer. On Friday we will begin at 6:30, with opening circle at 7, conscious dinner 7:30 and then introduction to conscious sexuality workshop. We will have a packed schedule the rest of the weekend until we depart at 4pm on Sunday.

What is the mindful meal situation?

We will have a conscious dinner Friday night, 3 delicious and healthy meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday as well as plenty of delectable snacks.

What do I pack?

Everything will be provided for your stay including bedding and towels.

  • Comfortable indoor clothes such as dresses, yoga wear, robe or kimono, scarf or sarong, layers, wear whatever makes you feel like a goddess

  • Outdoor clothes such as shoes for walking through woods and sandals

  • Journal and pen (you will def want to take notes!)

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Yoni egg if you have one


Will there be wifi?

There is limited reception at The Sanctuary. We encourage participants to turn off your phones, be present and freed from the constraints of your phones!


How will I participate?

This is an experiment to see what is possible when women connect on the highest vibration. Part of the community is that everyone contributes to the experience we’re creating together. We are all sharing in this journey together, and will have a sign up sheet to volunteer cleaning up after a meal.


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