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Our Founder

Shaunda Brown

Welcome to our website. I am honored that you’re exploring our community and programs.

I am often asked why I was compelled to create and host Goddess.

Exploring this path of conscious sexuality has helped me get out of my head and into my body. As a result, I am healthier, happier and more in flow than I've ever been. By falling in love with myself, I am falling in love with my life, my work and the people around me. Everything is "enfuego" when surrendering to receive the joyful opportunities that show up as a result of being in alignment with what really matters.

That is my hope for you and everyone in our community.

One of the many reasons this work has had such a dramatic effect on my life is that I feel safe. That is why, at Goddess, you can trust you will be in a safe environment, where you are free to be raw and real. Because that's when the real work begins.

My vision is for you to be immersed in and surrounded by beauty, guided by extraordinarily talented and certified facilitators so you can “face things you’ve never been able to face,”“call in your true equal,” “transform your current relationship to the intimate, loving relationship you desire,” "truly feel yourself at all times," and “attract positive men and women into your life who share a similar path,”  as said by attendees of Goddess.


Our Team of



LAUREN HARKNESS teaches tantra internationally and is the founder of The Tantra Institute. She is a trained Tantrika and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Charles Muir’s Source School of Tantra, Orgasmic Meditation Instructor, trained in the D/s arts and shamanism with Om Rupani, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Mastery Graduate, Seductress, and a stand for everyone ready to heal and further ignite their sexual self, sovereign and free! She also offers private Tantra Sessions, Orgasmic Meditation Training, Coaching Sessions, and Reiki Healing Attunements.


KARINA VELASCO’S work is based on the arts of connection, energetic orgasmic awareness and creative transformation. She is a certified instructor and influential speaker with over 20 years experience. Karina is the author of four bestselling books: The Art of Healthy LivingFrom the Sweet Spot to the G Spot, The Colors of Love and The Art of Transformation. Her new book, Dynamics of Creativity will be out this summer. Her passion is to help people transform their lives by improving their creative expression and deepening their connection with themselves and others. Karina leads intensive workshops and conferences on topics of creative expression, connection, orgasmic energetic awareness (OEA), human relationships, transformation, self-care and creative flow skills. She believes that we can all learn through pleasure and joy – not only through suffering. She thrives by helping women create the life and relationships they deserve through an enjoyable process.

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MATISSE WILLIAMS teaches Kundalini Yoga as well as sharing sound meditation and earth-based spirituality rituals. She is an energy medicine practitioner and writer who has dedicated her life’s work to the liberation of consciousness. She holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in Creative Expression and Transformation. Her teachings and stories focus on the process of feminine becoming and the power of the female voice.  She is the Kundalini Cowgirl, and herd mama at Two Moons Wellness Ranch in the Hudson Valley where she offers Nature Constellations with Horses.


SYDNEY STRABALA teaches Kundalini Yoga and Radical Meditation® classes. She is a multi-medium artist and a certified Usui Reiki + Sound Practitioner. Sydney believes that authentic self-expression and the pursuit of spirituality are deeply intertwined. On her free time she leads “Soul-Expression” Playshops and Retreats. As the founder of the creative collective ReRoot she values community and collaboration. 

From Sydney’s commitment to conscious living to her ability to elevate others, her vision has always been to assist people in their journeys of self-love and self-expression. Sydney wants to make expressive and creative modalities accessible to all and provide the practical tools and technologies to close the gap to our highest selves.

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