Goddess Institute

Exploring Conscious Sexuality


Get out of your head and into your body


The mission of Goddess is for women to:

  • connect with our divine feminine through conscious sexuality

  • align with the power of our sensual energy to authentically lead our best lives

  • create a loving sisterhood to support and elevate each other along our journey

  • realize our deepest dreams and integrate these transformations into our lives

As a psychologist, I was awed by the ability of the facilitators to, in just one weekend, establish such a strong sense of safety that participants were able to experience profound moments of catharsis and healing, the likes of which often only occur after months or even years of psychotherapy.

I personally felt transformed by the experience, almost as if the retreat were an accelerator to much of my healing work.
— Dr. Jacobs, Clinical Psychologist
I didn’t actually fully comprehend the power of women until my weekend away with Goddess. From now on when people ask if I come from a big family, my answer will be yes, I have over 20 sisters. Thank you, my heart is open and I am finally beginning to truly feel myself.
— Nana Meriwether, Former Miss USA
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